Open Methods: How to receive credit, encourage reproducibility and acknowledge your peers


Tuesday, October 20, 2020, 1:00pm


Online - Zoom

Happy Open Access Week 2020!

Research papers and protocol organization in labs often lack detailed instructions for repeating experiments. is an open-access platform for researchers to create step-by-step, interactive and dynamic protocols that can be run on mobile or web. Researchers can share protocols with colleagues, collaborators, the scientific community or make them public, with ease and efficiency.

Come learn about, navigate credit and acknowledgement, and see how your colleagues at Harvard are using this platform!

Join this webinar for a discussion of:

  • How do you balance sharing early to help others against sharing prematurely while not being misleading before the method is robust and verified?
  • Will journals object if you share full protocols before submitting a paper?
  • Can you share a protocol that was previously published in a journal?


Part 1: Protocol Sharing and Collaborating with Human Tumor Atlas Network (HTAN)
Connor Jacobson, Research Assistant, Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology, Harvard Medical School
Madison Tyler, Research Associate, Laboratory of Systems Pharmacology, Harvard Medical School

Part 2: Copyright, credit, scooping: the tricky details of protocol-sharing
Lenny Teytelman, PhD, CEO and Cofounder, 


Please bring your own protocols so you can participate and get real-time feedback!

This event is only open to Harvard constituents.

Contact Julie Goldman if you have any questions.

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