Mission Statement

Harvard Library Research Data Services connects members of the Harvard community to services and resources that span the research data lifecycle, to help ensure that Harvard’s multi-disciplinary research data is findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR).


Fulfilling the entirety of the Harvard community’s research data management needs exceeds the capabilities of any single organization. As a part of the department for Open Scholarship and Research Data Services, the Harvard Library Research Data Services partners with members of Harvard’s network of data practitioners, subject experts, and service and resource providers to:

Services and Resources

Identify, develop, and coordinate delivery of and access to scalable research data services and resources to researchers and library staff, including: education and training, data curation, and data management consultation services; and guidelines, best practices, and technology;

Partnerships and Collaborations

Actively seek out and engage in collaborations and sustained partnerships to define, develop, and deliver new or improved research data management resources and services for the Harvard community and beyond;

Communications and Outreach

Serve as a formal channel of communication for Harvard’s research data lifecycle requirements and activities, including promoting events, services and resources, Harvard’s research data-related policies, and data-related standards and best practices;

Communities of Practice

Actively foster and build sustainable communities of practice related to the research data lifecycle;

Program Improvement

Monitor and assess program elements to deliver timely, relevant, and data-informed improvements to users.

Research Data Services Staff