Harvard Library Data Services Network

Connect with other library data services providers to learn about services, tools, and resources available to members of your Harvard research community.


About the Network

The libraries in Harvard's network provide specialized data services to their local research communities.

Library Data Service Partners

Baker Library - Harvard Business School

Contact: Michael Hemment, Senior Director, Baker Research & Data Services, mhemment@hbs.edu


Botany Libraries

Contact: Diane Rielinger, Digital Projects Librarian, drielinger@fas.harvard.edu

Cabot Science Library

Countway Library - Harvard Longwood Medical Area

Digital Scholarship Support Group

Ernst Mayer Library - Museum of Comparative Zoology

Fine Arts Library

Frances Loeb Library - Harvard Graduate School of Design

Contact: Bruce Boucek, GIS, Data and Research Librarian, bboucek@gsd.harvard.edu

Gutman Library - Harvard Graduate School of Education

Contact: Lindsay Whitacre, Digital Content Management Librarian, lindsay_whitacre@gse.harvard.edu

Harvard Law School Library

Contact: Michelle Pearse, Senior Research and Data Librarian, mpearse@law.harvard.edu
Contact: Arevik Avendian, Director of Empirical Research Services, aavedian@law.harvard.edu

Harvard Library Research Data Program

Harvard University Archives

HKS Library & Research Services - Harvard Kennedy School

Contact: Christina Sirois, Associate Director of HKS Library & Knowledge Services, christina_sirois@hks.harvard.edu

Contact: James Adams, Manager of Research & Data Services, james_adams@hks.harvard.edu

Lamont Library - Data and Government Information Collections

Pusey Library - Harvard Map Collection

Schlesinger Library - Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study

Wolbach Library - Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Other University Data Services Partners

Data Use Agreement Support

Harvard Dataverse Repository

Information Security

Research Administration and Compliance Systems

Research Computing Support

Harvard Business School Research Computing

Contact: research@hbs.edu

Harvard Medical School Research Computing

Contact: rchelp@hms.harvard.edu

Harvard University Arts & Humanities Research Computing

Contact: Rashmi Singhal, Director, http://darthcrimson.org/contact/

Harvard University Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Contact: https://www.rc.fas.harvard.edu/about/contact/



Research Data Management Officer

Contact: Mercè Crosas, Chief Data Science and Technology Officer, IQSS, mcrosas@g.harvard.edu